Our Construction Team has 30 years of China construction experience, and has brought many of our challenging design concepts to life. The Team uses their expertise to make the most of China’s unparalleled ability to construct great things at a minimum cost. But “compromise” never enters their vocabulary when it comes to construction quality.


The safety of our Construction Team is a key value at Muraya. We believe that a safe and healthy work environment is necessary to be productive, so we provide safety training and equipment to ensure that our employees are able to perform their job safely. This is why Muraya has developed an industry-leading “18-Point Comprehensive Safety Management Plan” that we implement at every project site.

Fully Certified

We have acquired the highest-grade certifications available in the Chinese construction industry, allowing us to provide a full spectrum of services in accordance with Chinese Construction codes.

Grade A Design License – allows us to create dual-use drawings that not only match client requirements, but are also suitable for submission to the Government Quality Inspections, saving time and resources.

Grade One Construction License – demonstrates our ability to provide the most advanced construction services, while also giving us direct control over each step of the project process.

Continuing Facility Service

We continue to provide Construction Services, even after the principal building is complete. We offer training and service programs to ensure that your space maintains its day-one level of excellence. Services include:

  • Proactive site inspection every 8 weeks
  • 24/7 Service
  • 12-hour response time in China
  • 4-hour response time in Shanghai